How to Create Accelerate Content Plan

In Domain Insights, go to the top navigation menu, click Plans > Content Plans.

Step 1: Create your content plan

  1. Hit the Create Content Plan button on the right top corner.
  2. Name your plan
    • Notes: Recommended naming convention: [type] – [core topic]
  3. Add your products/ offers
    • Select from existing offers. Or type a new one.
  4. Add your buyer persona
    • Select from existing buyer personas. Or type a new one.
  5. Add your focus topics
    • Notes: Choose the term that your buyers will use to search for their problems and your products on Google.
  6. Hit Save to finish.

Step 2: Know Your Net Change

  1. Open your Domain Insights page.
  2. Read your net change on the front page.
  3. View the increasing content.
    • In Domain Insights, go to the left navigation menu, click Increased.

Step 3: Accelerate Increasing Content

  1. Load the increasing pages.
  2. Analyze one page at a time.
    • Make sure each page was assigned with a primary keyword. If there is no primary keyword assigned to the page, choose one from the list, and hit Save.
  3. Load the SEO Visibility suggestions.
    • Click the SEO Visibility card.
    • Click to open Topic Buddy AI Writing Guide.
    • Follow the given instructions to update and improve the page SEO metadata.
  4. Load the Content Improvement suggestions.
    • Click the Content Improvement card.
    • Click to open Topic Buddy AI Writing Guide.
    • Follow the given instructions to update and improve page content.

If you follow these suggestions, your content will have a better chance to keep increasing next month. So why not, right?

Step 4: Create your topic cluster for your well-performing pages

  1. Load the Topic Cluster suggestions.
    • Click the Topic Cluster card.
  2. Analyze one topic at a time.
  3. Choose a related topic from the suggestion list.
    • Check the box on the left side of each keyword to choose. You can bulk select them.
  4. Add them to your plan.
    • Click the Content Plan button  and choose the content plan for the selected keywords.

Step 5: Schedule your content calendar

  1. View your keyword list
    • Exit the sidebar slide-over. The keywords are shown at the bottom of the Content Plan page.
  2. Assign a date for each topic
    • Click the button next to each keyword. Choose the right time and date. Hit Save.
  3. View your content calendar
    • Click the Content Calendar button right above the keyword list.
  4. Adjust your content calendar
    • Click on each keyword. Drag and drop them to the right date, or month to adjust your content calendar.

Topic Buddy 52-week AI data-driven content planning software can be explained in 3 different workflows (and training) which result in 3 content plans for your company. This is what we mean by a 52-week AI data-driven content planning system for sales enablement.

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