How to Accelerate Your Growth

There are three ways to recover your lost traffic based on your decreased pages.

  • Build your topic cluster to cover more topics.
  • Write more specific content around your winning pages.

These actions are only available once you assign a primary keyword to your page.

  1. Build topic cluster
  2. In Increased, click on a single page to open Page Insights on a sidebar slide-over.
  3. In Page Insights, click the Topic Cluster card at the bottom.
  4. In Topic Cluster, check the box on the left of each keyword.
  5. Click the Content Plan button and select the relevant content plan. Confirm to save new changes.
    • Learn how to create your Accelerate Content Plan.

Write more specific content

Access the AI Writing Guide
  1. On the top navigation menu, click Plans > Content Plans.
  2. In the Content Plans dashboard, click on a single plan to open the Content Plan page.
  3. On the Content Plan page, click the Content-Length icon of each content to open the AI Writing Guide.
Review the writing brief and edit SEO visibility.
  1. Once you open the AI Writing Guide, you’ll land under the Strategy tab.
  2. In Strategy, see focus keyword, current page, content plan, and buyer journey/ funnel in the Strategy section.
  3. In Strategy, see page SEO metadata in the SEO Visibility section.
  4. In Strategy, see current and target word count, recommended questions, priority, and instructions (from other team members).
Write and optimize new content
  1. On the top navigation menu, click Content to start writing the new content.
  2. In Content, click Outline to review the outline of the new content.
  3. In Content, click Edit to start researching adding headings to the new content.
    • Headings are displayed as Questions and Topics.
    • Click on the headings to add them to the bottom of the Content Editor.
  4. In Content, click Optimize to review current content length and keyword density.
  5. In Content, edit page title and body content in the text editor in the middle of the page.