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Our 15-Minute Content Audit Reveals... "Is Your Current Content Strong Enough to Drive Business Growth?"

Start audit your website content & sketch your roadmap to online success!

here are a few facts...

about growing your business!

Is your content working for you?

good content is a valuable asset

How recently did you have a professional review your  content?

Our Content Audit include a short 10 minute video explaining what is working and what can be improved.

The Content Audit covers:

* Search Demand
* Content Relevance
* Content Depth

This initial content audit report will focus on the 10 most important content pages of your website.  

Now, why our report?

We Give you a roadmap!

We are not going to just send you a PDF or slide deck with a bunch of screenshots and small notes underneath. 

You will have a video walkthrough of the findings which will help you to clarify your current content situation.

Our auditing process is a part of a FOUR-PILLAR ROADMAP that produced results for more than 60 clients and growing their search traffic on the web every year.

Auditing is low cost and easy to understand first step in your BUSINESS SUCCESS journey.  Within a few minutes of receiving the report you will understand your current situation and have a good starting point to ignite your brand’s search relevance. The other 3 Pillars of Content Marketing:

Let us know if you are interested in understanding more about them. Or take advantage of our free on-going education in our weekly email series.

...and not just that!

with the support of data and our technology

We're able to Identify the best starting point for New Content!

Small Simple Steps Can provide massive Growth Over time

Here's A sneak Peek

...Inside The Report You'll Receive!

Section #1:
Most Important Content

In this section, we answer the simplest and high-level question: “Where is your traffic coming from?”

We take your top 10 pages that drive the most traffic and get them analyze them based on different metrics… to find out…the best pages that are driving your traffic to your website.

Section #2:

Content Analysis

After finding out the sources of your traffics, we dive deeper into the “minions” that are getting your content on Search Engine index: YOUR KEYWORDS!

But out of thousands and thousands keywords that you might have, which ones actually MATTER?

In this section, we want to focus and point out the ONES that can contribute to your winning in SEO battle

Section #3:
Content Keywords

…Understanding Search Demand is the key outcome of this part of the Content Audit report. You will understand how customers are specifically looking for your services – a very powerful insight which can drive your content strategy.

Section #4:
Content Opportunities
(Only in Content Monitoring)

In this section, we analyze the opportunities where you can improve your rankings as soon as possible…

Section #5:
Content Risk
(Only in Content Monitoring)

In this Content Risk section, we predict the threats that you might need to face while implementing your content strategy and business organic growth on the inter-web.

Don't wait for miracle to happen!!!

Start sketching your roadmap to 10X your revenue starting today.


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  • 10 Important Pages
  • Content Keywords
  • Content Analysis
  • Explainer Video

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...Sound fair enough?

Still on the fence?

These FAQs can help you make your best decision!

What will I receive?

  1. A Campaign Brief: You will have a Campaign Brief which will be based on the interview done with you, and serves as the foundation for the Content Planning Process. Within the Campaign Brief we will include Product Focus Competitors, Lead Generation Pages, Sales Generation Pages, Target Buyer Profile (Geography, Age, Key Characteristics), as well as important inputs to help identify the most relevant Search Demand (product keywords, branded keywords, and core keywords).
  2. The Content Plan: The content plan usually covers 52 Weeks. For each week you will have a Data Snapshot showing what data was reviewed when including the keyword in the plan. The Data Snapshot for each keyword will include (Search Volume, Current Ranking Position, Competitor Position, and Notes from the Content Planner).
  3. Content Publishing Schedule: The system can provide you with a monthly schedule of target publishing dates. This is often helpful to get writers and other content producers on board and let them complete the work ahead of schedule.

Can I have more than one content campaign?

Yes. We recommend that each campaign is focused on a specific target market (buyer) and a specific category of your offers. For example you could have one campaign to grow sales for financial products targeted to high net worth individuals, and another separate content campaign focused on new investors. These two types of target buyers require the writer to cover different topics. Most often you will have different competitors for each Product Focus.

How long will it take?

Step 1: 0 Days – Connect Your Data
Step 2: 1 Days – Data Syncing
Step 3: 1 Days – Data Audit
Step 4: 3 Days – Content Planning
Step 5: 5 Days – Revisions & Approval

The whole process takes about 10 business days, after which you will have the Content Plan, and Campaign Brief.

How can it help me write better articles?

We have an add-on available which you can purchase to enable your writers to use our SEO Writing Tool

How can it support my social media efforts?

Normally we suggest that clients turn their articles into a series of social media posts. This way, when someone clicks on a social post, they can come through to read the article.

Who will do the writing?

You can assign someone on your team to do the writing. Or if you want you can engage us to find you a writer, or use one of our staff writers. Our rates depend on the subject matter and topic area.

How can it support my sales team in closing deals?

Having a good content plan means that your sales team will be able to mention the upcoming articles to prospects. It’s a great way to get a prospect to pay attention to any emails they receive from you. Moreover, the content can allow potential buyers to learn more about the need they are trying to meet – and positions you as the solution provider of choice. Each article can build trust and move your potential buyers through the buyers’ journey.

How can it increase the engagement of my email list?

Having regularly published content is an excellent way to increase engagement on your email list. You can include links to the recently published articles, and readers will know your company is staying on top of new trends and providing up-to-date information each week.

How can it increase my brand awareness?

Having a content plan and having a pre-planned publishing schedule means that readers will have more options to learn about your brand every week. We note each keyword as being an Awareness, Interest, or Action/Sale Keyword – so you can provide feedback to increase the amount of content devoted to potential new buyers in the awareness phase as part of your review and approval process.

How can it help me create sustainable business growth?

You can see our case studies to see how it has provided on-going business growth for business. The key to content marketing is that it gets stronger over time. Each article builds on the others as long as they are based on search demand and properly optimized. In addition, multiple articles can work together to create Topic Clusters or Topic Authority. This means that publishing regularly based on a Data Driven Content plan is one of the best ways to create sustainable growth in traffic, leads, and sales.

Will it work for my type of business?

If your business has products or offers that people are searching for, it can work for you! The Content Plan can be the foundation for your written content, which can also mean any potential buyers you meet at events who come to your website through ads, will have more reasons to keep coming back until they become paying customers.

Start mapping your website content now!

Get Your 52 Ideas, Tailor Your Message, Build Trust with Your Target Audience, and Convert Them into Paying Customers!

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