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Why content Monitoring?

Isn't content audit good enough?

Content audit is important and...


Every success journey starts with careful and dedicated understanding into your current situation. It’s applied to every aspects of life.

…and as what we mentioned, auditing covers your website’s:

* Search Demand
* Content Relevance
* Content Depth

These are the points that indicate the health of your online business and, therefore, help you map out the path you should focus on for the rest of your journey.

And with content monitoring, the benefits do not just stop right there…

What is content monitoring?

It's about life-time value!

As what can be seen from the graph, auditing and metrics are 2 parts that stick together and push the “wheel” move forwards.

Content monitoring includes these 2 patterns and provide you with…

This is important as content you published does not just explode with traffics at one time and then stops forever. This is wrong/.

People are searching and looking day by day on the inter-webs, and your article brings value over a long period. And this adds up significantly to your brand awareness and nurturing.

...and not just that!

with the support of data and our technology

We're able to Identify the best starting point for New Content!

Small Simple Steps Can provide massive Growth Over time

What you'll Get When

Upgrading To The Content Monitoring Package

Value #1:
Full Content Audit Unlocked

Everything that you need to ignite your content growth formula will be available in this Content Monitoring package.

With this offer, you now have everything unlocked. No more limits on the number of pages or keywords that you can get insights for. You’ll now have full control over your online business performance throughout the whole year.

(*** If you paid for the content audit already, we’re happy to send you back the money you were charged.)

Value #2:
Your Values 10X-ed

With Content Opportunities and Content Risk, you have your eyes over the market and online search queries.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to dive deeper and point out specifically what you can do to upgrade yourself and build your “weapons” to win your online brand battle.

…Not just 2, 3 or 5X.. but 10X your values. Because once you’re the one who masters the rules, you’re the ultimate winner!

Value #3:
Extra Month For Free

In order to make this offer even more interesting, we’d like to put more benefits onto it.

You’ll get the 13th month for FREE when committing to the yearly subscription. Everything will be the same for the extra month. We promise:

Try it for 30 Days Risk Free!

Here Is Our "Are you for real?" Guarantee!

Try the ENTIRE THING for 30 FULL days, risk free! Get the report, watch the explainer video and try implementing your content strategy… After completing all of those, if you feel like this isn’t a great starting point, we’ll send you all your money back.

That’s right. All you need to do is to schedule a 15-minute call with with our team, let us know what where we failed you and we’re happy to send you back the money. No matter what reasons you give. (We only use your feedback to improve our service for other customers).

...Sound fair enough?