Content Planning Overview

Topic Buddy enables you to plan and create content for sales enablement using AI data-driven technology.

Why content planning is important

Because planning provides a roadmap for your content, helps you stay organized, and enables sales.

An AI data-driven content planning system will address the following:

What questions do your buyers have throughout their buyer journey?

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Content Inventory:

  • Existing content – identifying and improving your existing content
  • Missing content – discovering the missing content holes and building the right content for each question


  • What questions does each of your competitors have content for?
  • Where is the content gap?

Sales Process:

  • How do you know which questions do your salespeople get trained on?
  • How do you know which questions your salespeople can answer for their buyers?
  • If you don’t have content on your site, how do you expect your salespeople to figure it out on their own?

As a business owner, or a CMO, why you should care about these questions:

When your potential buyers are not talking to your salespeople, they are still researching their problems and your solutions on the Internet.
Your content will serve as a bridge (touchpoints) and it should be consistent with what your salespeople told them.

Three types of content plans inside Topic Buddy

  • Pillar Content Plan:
    A plan to build a  pillar page (core offer) & supporting content

  • Recovery Content Plan:
    A plan to recover your decreasing content

  • Accelerate Content Plan:
    A plan to accelerate your increasing content & topic clusters