Our Management Team

The Topic Buddy management team is made up of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Sumit Jay Sen

Co-Founder and CEO

Sumit Jay Sen is a Data Scientist who worked in the USA Finance industry for 10+ years.  He hired and managed a team of Ph. D.s in Statistics, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence and combined them with M.B.As from Harvard and Masters in Operations Research from Stanford.

With this team, Jay pioneered an improved way to create prediction models – specifically to identify possible marketing behavior.  Types of marketing behavior predicted include – lifetime value, expected churn/attrition, and inactive user accounts.

Jay and his team also worked to create risk prediction models including Bankruptcy Scores, Credit Scores, and Credit Limit Scores.

After working in Banking, Jay moved on to be the (non-founder) Chief Analytics Officer for aQuantive, a leader in digital advertising.  aQuantive was acquired by Microsoft for approximately $6 Billion.

Currently, Jay is working to help agencies and businesses use data to understand their Buyer’s Journey – by identifying questions based on the needs of different Personas.  

Jay is co-founder and CEO of Topic Buddy. Prior to founding Topic Buddy in 2021, Jay was the founder and Managing Director of Handmade SEO where he helped hundreds of SMBs to grow revenue by 30% – 100% per year via content marketing. 

Jay is also a cohost at ContentMarketingVirtualSummit.com, where he hosts 2 virtual conferences per year with 100+ content marketing thought leaders and CMOs from Martech such ThriveTheme, SEMRUSH, Salesforce, Freshworks just to name a few. 

Jay holds a BS in Artificial Intelligence from Johns Hopkins University.