đź”´ Breaking News: 19th of May, 2022

Attention: Digtial agencies owners from all sizes

We've launched a new plaform to close your prospect deals faster for FREE!

In less than 15 minutes, you can go over the content situation with the Potential client and show them where they have opportunities to grow their business.

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Some notes from Topic Buddy founder

our new platform so-called
"The Prospect insights system"

makes your sales calls easier than ever!!!

Sounds pretty cool, aye?

Keep reading. More funs adding up.

Here is a short description of how our platform works…

Prospect Insights works as a data analyst and sales assistant for your business.

Set up your account, add your prospect domains, and connect their Google web analytics access… and bingo, YOU ARE READY.

The system pull automatically check, pull the relevant data, and gather them in the form of a report where you can showcase them directly to the potential client you want to convert this time.

No matter how many clients you have, whether it’s 1, 10, or even 100, the system handles the back-end work so you can focus on building your relationship with your audience.

And what’s more, all of the data are masked so you can showcase your previous work to potential clients to gain their trust.

The data will only be unlocked when the clients would like to pay. And you have control over the data on your dashboard so there’s no worry about data leaking when you have to manage multiple clients.

And now here's why...
this client management System

can help you land more paying customers!

The key point lies in the concept of Artificial Intelligence.

We use AI-driven in-depth analysis of content value to identify what pages of your leads’ websites are contributing to the most impacts on the Google Search rankings.

Here are 5 main advantages of our AI Data-Driven Analytics:

Pros #1: Growth-Focused Insights

The AI system looks for specific batches of pages or content that are really driving the traffics and conversions of your prospects’ website. Hence, you have the best starting point to start mapping out the right marketing plan for your prospects.

Pros #2: Easy & Secured Case-Studies

The AI system hides that data of our clients so that you can showcase it immediately right on the call and start earning their trust. Otherwise, you have to go through lots of editting and masking to deliver it. With that advantage, not only can you close your deals faster but also build your portfolio of case studies, and build the relationship right at the moment they land on your website.

Pros #3: Easy Content Gap and Expansion

The platform looks for related keywords based on the primary term that you want to focus. Compare them with your competitors. Test them on Google Search console. And finally point out what are the other topics that you should consider to build your organic strength.

Pros #4: Simple yet Effective Prospect Management

Easily manage your multiple prospects’ growth and convert them into your paying customers. Sound like another CRM system, right? Well, this is not. Meanwhile you can handle calls, follow ups and how they are inside your CRM… making some pep-talks to warm them up, Prospect Insights focuses on a different aspect. The core message you want to convey. You want to dive deep into your potential clients’ performance and impress them with a right and powerful growth plan. That’s what really matters to close your deals.

Pros #5: Product Focus / Campaigns

The AI System is more powerful than other approaches because we categorize one or more offers based on their appeal to a specific audience. This means that we can identify very different competitors to learn from and also results in different keyword selections.

With the power of AI, we’re able to helpy you unlock your potential to engage more prospects, close more deals, and convert more paying clients.

...and the results will be massive!

with the support of data and our technology

SEO & growth marketing plan building is no more of a headache!

Small Simple Steps Can provide massive Growth Over time

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Here's A sneak Peek

...Inside Our Prospect Insights Platform

Feature #1:
Bulk Prospect Management

Manage your prospects in multiple views. Make it easier to showcase your past client work to your audience. And track your prospects’ website performance.

Feature #2:
Content Value Analytics

Clarify your current content situation.
Some of your content might be under-optimized. Learn exactly what percent of your content is driving the majority of your traffic.

Feature #3:
Page Insights & Ranking Analytics

Is your content long enough and does it cover the right topics? How are they ranking now on the Google Search Results. What you need right now to improve or your ranking score?

Feature #4:
Keyword Insights & Analytics

Based on where you are right now with your existing content, we can identify what would be the next possible move for you to grow your business.

What article should you be writing next? What are the other valuable keywords that you shoul focus on?

Feature #5:
Performance Tracking & Forecast

Visualize the growth trend of your business over the next months. With the power of AI, we are able to predict the loss or growth of your business and recommend building your plan right from now.

Feature #6:
Monthly Reports

Manage the growth of your business every month with our business reports and summary emails.

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Still on the fence?

These FAQs can help you make your best decision!

How can I use this system?

TopicBuddy Prospect Insights system helps your agency close deals faster. What you need is to set up your account, connect to your Google data, and set up the domains of your prospects.

The system will generate the analytics. And you can use these analytics to build up the marketing plan and showcase it to your potential clients.

What does it mean by “Google data”?

Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The system needs to access your potential clients’ website GA and GSC via your Google account to pull the raw data.

Why do I have to set up a domain after connecting to my Google data?

Connecting to your Google data only helps the system pull the raw data that your account has the access to.

Setting up the domain you want to manage, and attach the right GA view and GSC property to it will help map the relevant data to that domain and generate the right report.

We call this “Website data synchronization” process.

How long does it take to generate all the information?

It normally takes 30 mins for the system to fully update all of the information. Both Google data connection and domain synchronization.

Is this platform legit?

Yes. We are 100% legit. TopicBuddy Prospect Insights platform is verified by Google. All your information is safely secured.

You have all the rights to revoke our access whenever you want. Login to your Google and visit https://myaccount.google.com/permissions to manage the access.

In that case, we have no access to your client’s website performance and no longer can generate any reports.

Why is this free?

All the data will be masked by default so it’s safe for you to showcase them to any of your prospects. We only charge it when your prospects want to unlock the data.

Is this for me?

This platform is right for every agency that wants to have a better way to manage and close deals with their potential clients. No matter size.

If you are still unsure, just send an email to support@topicbuddy.com or book a call with us here.

How can I get my prospects’ website data unlocked?

Click the lock button right next to the domain or hamburger dropdown. Choose Unlock this domain. It will open the checkout page for that specific domain. Copy the link and send it to your prospects.

I have some clients already. I want all of my clients’ website data fully unlocked. Is that possible?

Please send an email to support@topicbuddy.com or book a call with us here.

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