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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a hugely important tactic for driving traffic to your site. It will allow your content to be easily discovered by potential audience searching for terms relevant to your products. 

Topic Buddy provides the easiest way to do SEO for your article and clear guidance on how to win other competitors to become the Top ranking site on Google

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Analyze the top 10 articles word count and scores

Topic Buddy will check and create a board of top 10 articles from position 1 to 10, which includes the length of each article and give them scores based on how well-organized they are.

From the evaluation of Topic Buddy, you can compare your own article with the top 10 and compete with their scores to rank higher on Google Search

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When you review the detailed analyzed information and keywords optimization board on Topic Buddy, you will have a chance to evaluate each site and which task you need for your article to compete with those sites

This feature allows you to distinguish between the sites that you can easily compete with or hard to compete with depends on how well optimized they are and if they are paid sites.

Produce the final guidelines for your article

Topic Buddy also offers the function to view your keywords status, like add more keywords or remove some keywords.

You can be able to check the analysis of all keywords in your article and decide to optimize your article in the best way.

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