SERP Analysis

Understand what makes the top 10 positions rank & identify your content gaps

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And collect competitors' advantages

Identify keywords that make the top 10 articles rank

Look into the SERP & Identify the most important keywords that make the top 10 articles rank on Google

Identify the frequency of These keywords

Identify how often these keywords being used, in order to rank on the top 10 on Google

Map out your keywords and their frequency

Provide you a list of keywords and their frequency that you need to include in your articles

Identify content gaps & create content depth

Content gaps analysis helps evaluating the difference (or “the gap”) between keywords for which you and the competitors rank in SERP. Therefore, you can be able to create high quality, in-dept content. 

This helps to minimize the time you spend on researching and thinking and maximize the time you spend creating and sharing your content

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Analyze the sub-topics and keywords

Learn about how to organize the important sub-topics and keywords in your articles

By doing that, you can get your content noticed by audience and create traffic for your site.

Understand how SERP works and maximize your visibility

By analyzing the keywords distribution and structures of the top 10 articles on SERP, you can determine how you can make your article appear on Google’s first page.

That’s why you want to target keywords that Topic Buddy suggest. That way, your article will stand out and get clicked on.

See beyond the rankings of your competitors

Topic Buddy helps you identify not only the rankings of top 10 articles but also how to compete with them.

From the way each site organizes their groups of most frequent keywords, you can map out your own list of keywords and optimize your article.

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