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Make it easier for buyers to purchase by providing the right content that answers buyers' questions.

Today’s buyers use Google before, during, and after-sales conversations. Companies often have some of the buyer’s questions answered with good content – but do not have a clear way to identify what content is missing.

Every time a buyer searches a question related to your products, services, or more importantly their problem that you can solve – is either a connection in your sales funnel or a missed opportunity.

In many cases,

In many cases, the content buyers need is scattered and fragmented across multiple companies. Thus buyers become confused and require longer to make their purchase decision.

Buyer's questions

Topic Buddy Content Planning software enables teams to identify all the questions buyers ask before purchasing. 

Content gaps

The software map buyer’s questions against your existing content and your competitors’ content. 

The key output is a list of important questions and topics that you are not answering, and that could help your sales and marketing teams work better together.

Buyer journey

The buyer’s questions and topics are then organized by personas and buyer journeys  – so you can identify both the functional and psychological needs of specific types of buyers.

Plan content in seconds

Topic Buddy Content Planning tool made it  possible to go through the entire content planning process within seconds. 

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AI data-driven content planning software makes it easier to create content that answers buyer's questions and takes the guesswork out of content creation.