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Close deals faster with higher value

Close more deals faster with higher value. Show your prospects the quick wins versus the long-term strategy to grow their business.

Maximize clients’ marketing ROI

Easily plan and build your content with the power of AI data-driven technologies. Remove the guesswork and manual work from your marketing process.

Increase your
client retention

Monitor the early indicators of your content performance. Make data-informed decisions with your clients quickly. You don’t have to wait 6 months to get your clients happy.

Scale up your
agency faster

Save time on your marketing process. Serve more clients. And 10X your revenue.

Activate your account

As a provider, you must register all accounts you want to refer or resell HubSpot to as leads. If your registered leads purchase HubSpot, you’ll get paid commission. It’s that simple. Keep in mind that:
  • You can only get commission on leads that were registered before making a purchase. Register your leads before introducing them to HubSpot to avoid losing commission.
  • HubSpot sales will never directly reach out to your leads (unless you ask us to). For compliance reasons, in some regions, HubSpot will send an email to confirm they are OK with us retaining their data.
  • A lead can only be registered to one partner. We’ll let you know if your lead has already been registered.
In order to be paid commission on sold deals, you need to submit your tax and bank details first.
The HubSpot Solutions Directory allows partners to list their services and get found by a business looking to hire them. Create a listing and make it easy for HubSpot customers to find you.

Sharpen your skills with Topic Buddy Training Center

Learn how to sell with Topic Buddy as a Solution Provider, and grow your business with our help.
In this course, you’ll learn how to position Topic Buddy so that you can effectively educate your prospects during the sales process.

Completing your client’s website content audit is utterly important in building their successful marketing strategy. It’s one of the most important things that you should do when you first engage with and onboard a new client.

Learn how to get access to your client’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console data and conduct a free content audit in a few simple clicks.

Your client’s business has lots of potentials to grow just by recovering their lost traffic every month. Topic Buddy provides full access and tools to make this process super easy.

Watch this free lesson and learn how to help your clients recapture their lost business growth up to 25% per year with Topic Buddy.

Help your clients create Pillar Content Plans, Accelerate Content Plans, and Recovery Content Plans (improving existing content) by utilizing Topic Buddy AI data-drivent content planning system.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Topic Buddy to pick the right focus, build relevant topic clusters, and schedule your client’s target content for the next 52 weeks.

To drive more organic traffic and qualified leads from Google search results, each of your client’s content needs to have a specific focus. That’s why content mapping should be conducted before you build your client’s content plan. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to complete a full website content mapping for your clients.

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