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Get ideas to build the content of your articles

Explore more questions and keyword ideas related to the core keyword and choose what to write

Create title and headings for your article

Understand how to write a good title and organize your articles with headings suggestions

Write your article with great suggestions of keywords

Allow you to optimize your existing pages or on-progress writing and generate guideline for your content

Build The Best Writing Brief For Your Article

Good writing briefs are ones of the most essential parts for articles. You need to be clear about what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Topic Buddy allows you to create a clear brief that will help any writer¬†or copywriter to deliver work that meets all clients’ expectations.

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Choose the related ideas and build your structures easily

By choosing the suggested ideas, you can have a chance to brainstorm what to write about and what to include

Checking the sub-topics and keywords that Topic Buddy list out will also makes a big contribution to your writing process. You will gradually build your own structures based on the easy guidance that we provide.

Make your title outstanding and create the best headings

Topic Buddy gives you the flexibility to write your own title base on how frequent people search for different kinds of titles.

What's more, Topic Buddy provides the list of headings and structures scraped from the top 10 competitors. It will save you hours of researching and build a great article within a short time.

Suggest the best guidance for your articles and pull you on top

When you start writing your article or optimize a finished article, Topic Buddy will show you how frequent the important keywords should appear and how competitive your article is

You can easily review the optimization of your article and see how well it is compare to other competitors.

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