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Topic Buddy offers one of the most comprehensive method of producing the content and structure of your article or your site.

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A lot of writers may find it difficult when you want to restructure your article or your site. Especially if you don't have clear requirements from your clients.

Topic Buddy will be the best choice for you as it does all the research based on the Google trend and produces the detailed estimation of content for your writing project.

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According to the research on Topic Buddy, you can be able to find the detailed information about the words length of your article, the numbers of headings, keywords, recommended keywords, etc.

This feature makes your content structure become more accessible and easier to understand.

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One of the most effective ways to maximize your earning potential is to build trust with your current clients by offering your content inventory and show how organized it is.

Topic Buddy allows you to do it successfully just by a click. You can be able to download the detailed estimation of your article and show it to your clients beforehand.‚Äč

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